Make a Payment


  • Make Payment. Email an image of a post-dated check immediately after receiving this Email Invoice because WE CANNOT SHIP YOUR ORDER UNTIL WE RECEIVE PAYMENT. Orders should be paid by emailing REPLY-ALL to this email and attaching a PDF SCAN or PICTURE of the post-dated check.
    • - For the best results when picturing the check, please be sure to:
    • - Take a picture of the whole check from directly above the check (not at an angle);
    • - Take the picture from 8-12 inches vertically above the check;
    • - Put the Order Number on the memo line of the check;
    • - Make the check payable to Reeds Fulfillment;
    • - Do not mail the original paper check, only email the image to us (we process from the image);
    • - Keep the original paper check in your files and mark on it the date you emailed it;
    • - Set the check date for five (5) days after your event.
    • - If adjustments are made to the order or shipping amounts, a second Invoice will be generated and second Check may be required.

  • Email FFL Copy. If guns were ordered, please attached a copy of the receiving FFL to this email and email it back to

  • Watch for Email Notifications & Updates
    • - The Shipping Contact Email will receive emails of all Packing Slips, which include tracking numbers for each shipment. Packing Slips include no pricing information.
    • - Also, a hard copy of the Packing Slip will be included with each shipment.
    • - Real-time Tracking On-line. All updates for this order will appear on your Order History screen, including live tracking per shipment.

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