FFL requirements/policy

We must receive a current copy of the FFL dealer’s license for each order.  FFL’s status can change and recycling old copies can create issues.  So, we request a fresh FFL copy even for consistently-used dealers.  At minimum, when the FFL is already in our files, confirm with us that the FFL status is still good and they haven’t moved.


To ship your gun order, we need the following in hand:


1.   Payment at the Easy-E-Check payment screen (it will still be a Post-dated Check).


2.   Regional Director Approval.


3.   PDF of your local FFL  


We will handle the Invoice as follows:


1.  Payment
          -    Payment should be made immediately after receiving the email Invoice because WE CANNOT SHIP YOUR ORDER UNTIL WE RECEIVE PAYMENT (WHICH CAN BE POST-DATED FOR AFTER THE EVENT).  In following event management policies, this requirement became effective September 1, 2014.
          -    Orders should be paid by (1) the Easy-E-Check payment screen or (2) mailing (takes much longer this way) a post-dated check with a hard copy of the email Invoice to:  Reeds Event Wholesale, P.O. Box 490, Walker, MN 56484.
          -    Once your Order ships, your check will not be deposited until the posted date on the check, which should be set for  five (5) calendar days after the event date.  We will initiate the deposit five (5) days after your event date. Please be sure funds are in your account by that time.  Often high use of credit cards at an event can create shortages of checking deposit funds.
          -    You will receive a final receipt for your records via email once the payment is deposited.
          -    If adjustments are made to the order or shipping amounts, a second Invoice will be generated and a second check may be required.
          -    If you have any questions about making your payment, please call us at 800-346-0019 or email us at sales@leechlakedistributing.com


2.   Regional Director Approval.
          -   If the PO was placed by a Regional Director (RD), then it is already approved and will be processed, BUT WE WILL STILL NEED PAYMENT INFORMATION BEFORE SHIPPING.
          -    If the PO was placed by a Committee member, as indicated in the Subject Line of the email, then the RD needs to email back with a REPLY ALL and indicate “APPROVED” or detail changes that should be made to the PO before processing it.


3.   FFL for Gun Orders
            -    If guns were ordered, please attached a copy of the receiving FFL to the email and email it back to sales@leechlakedistributors.com


4.   Packing Slip & Tracking
            -    The Regional Director and the Committee Billing Contact person (as entered on the order) will receive a Packing Slip upon shipment as well.   
            -    The Packing Slip will include no pricing information.  A hard copy of the Packing Slip will be included with the shipment packages.
            -    Tracking numbers will be emailed within one business day after the shipment.



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